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Intent, Impact and Implementation Statements for Computing

At Joseph Turner Primary School we use the Rising Stars 'Switched on Computing' scheme to help structure our computing curriculum.


Our computing curriculum is divided into 4  key areas. These are:


Computer Science

Computer Science looks at how things work. We explore coding, creating programs, spotting errors in code and even how some of our favourite games are programmed!


Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is how we communicate using technology. Whether we are sending an email or creating a PowerPoint, we are communicating ideas in different ways. We look at what the Internet is and how  search engines work to give us reliable results.


Information Technology

Here we learn about the how the 'office' applications work with text, multimedia presentations and data analysis. We will look at photography, animation and video editing and even how some virtual reality works. 


Online Safety

We learn about our responsibility to be role models in the digital world. Our digital footprint is everything we do online and we will develop skills so we can be safe when using technology.

We're very lucky to have a range of devices and technology in school which are used not only in computing but across the curriculum to ensure we understand how technology is an evolving part of everyday tasks.

Use the links below to see what units each year group cover within computing: