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Friday 18th February, 2022

We started the week off with Valentines Day.

We have tried to think of other's feelings this week and we wrote nice things about our friends on a heart shaped piece of paper.

Can the children tell you nice things about their friends? What could they say to them to make them feel happy?


We also read the story of Hansel and Gretel.

What could they have dropped on the floor of the forest to help them find their way back home? Hansel used stones and bread crumbs. What happened to the bread crumbs? Can the children use old recycled boxes to make a house? What will they decorate it with? Will they make it look like the gingerbread house in the story or completely different?? Do send us a picture, we look forward to seeing them.

(CAL, Lit, EAD) 


Have a super half term break.

Thank you as ever for your on going patience and support.

Keep safe and well.