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March 16

During my visit to the school on 5th Feb 2016, I completed a Learning Walk with Mrs Kee (Deputy Head) and Mr Hill (Assistant Head) and then a Pupil Conversation with Year 2 and 6.

On the Learning Walk I noticed that the learning objective and success criteria for each lesson is clearly displayed to enable all children to know what they are expected to learn and what they need to do to achieve that learning.  Displays in the classrooms support learning, such as, working walls, timetables and spellings. There is also an attendance chart where children can clearly see how many days full attendance they have had.

The pupils were totally engaged in the learning and planned activities and could tell me all about it! I was very impressed.

The pupil conversation gave me the time to ask what the children thought about the school in general, the teachers and how they learn. They spoke positively about the school and the teachers - it was really good to see and hear. All the children said that they feel very safe in school. They could explain what bullying is in their own words and knew who they needed to speak to if they were worried about anything.

Looking through their school books, all children could find their target sheets and could explain its purpose.

Year six pupils told me that they don’t want to leave and they would like to stay at the school until they are 18! A child in Year 2 had some great ideas about how to develop the school grounds.

Overall I feel that we have a fabulous school and outstanding pupils and staff. I am very proud of them all. As one Year 2 child said, “We are the best school in Sandwell, England, Great Britain, the world, in fact the universe!” You cannot say anything better than that!


Janet Poxon - Chair of Governors