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March 2017

Mr Wellings's Report from the Y6 trip

I was provided with a full risk assessment for the trip. I felt the RA was put together concisely with excellent detail. All eventualities which could be foreseen were covered. On arrival to school on the morning, I was made to feel welcome into the staffing team for the trip. Someone was always on hand to answer my questions, as this was my first school trip. My one query from the RA was that I had not completed a medical form, however before I even finished my request Mr Yalluri had one ready. This level of organisation was to set the standard for the day from both year 6 teachers and support staff for the trip.

Miss Hunt was my lead on the trip and she explained what I was to be doing first thing and kept me in the loop throughout the day.


The trip as a whole was a success from start to finish. The children were well behaved, any slight infringements to the expectations set were dealt with swiftly. The children were polite not only to staff but also to members of the public around the park. They engaged in the lesson superbly offering well informed answers.....along with quite funny ones too!


Notoriously the coach trip is where boredom sets in and eventually behaviour takes a downward turn. Not on this trip the children kept themselves occupied with sing alongs and the sound of real conversations was great to hear. All staff contributed to a great trip to the park. On the whole a great day, well done to all children and staff.


Mr Wellings

School Governor