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May 16

A Blog from the Chair of Governors

I attended school in April and there were plenty of things happening. Firstly FOOD! We all need it to keep us going. I was not quite sure about this new computerised system from Dolce and Live Kitchen, but hey, children in KS1 came along, keyed in their name, collected the dinner they ordered and away they went. I was amazed – it was impressive! Speaking to the children, they said they liked the choices and the food was good. After eating my lunch, I have to say, I agreed with them. So Dolce was a good choice.


Carrying on with our journey to outstanding, I was on the panel to appoint two new Phase Leaders ready for September. They in themselves are currently both outstanding teachers at the school. I believe that, with the right staff in place, our children will have the best teaching and learning possible.


Our Facilities Manager has resigned to move on to other things, we wish him well for the future. Mrs T Garratt has been appointed as the new Site Manager and I am sure she will do an excellent job by making the school a clean, healthy and safe environment for our children to concentrate on their learning.


I did recently hear a story whilst I was at the hairdressers that I would like to share with you. One of the ladies in the shop was explaining to her friend that she could not get a Reception place for her child at the school that he currently attends nursery. Her friend had asked if she was going to appeal but she said she wasn’t. When her friend asked why, she said she was offered a place at Joseph Turner so she was told to go and have a look around. The lady said, “I did and what a surprise - the school is brilliant! It is a very good school going for outstanding. It’s clean, friendly staff and they were very helpful. I am glad they could not get my child in the school he’s at now.”

I have to say, as Chair of Governors at Joseph Turner, I felt so proud. I had held my breath for a moment! So the word is getting around how good we are and how good we are going to be.


SATs are held in May and when I attended the school in April, everybody was getting ready. I wish all of you the very best of luck for good results!


Janet Poxon – Chair of Governors