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May 18

What a great bank holiday this turned out to be. We all needed this sunshine. It was lovely to see the queues to the Ice cream vans, and listening to the chimes they play,

 if only we could have more of it.

The last week of April was not good at all, with the school being closed due to the implications with the gas supply. I must praise all of the parents for coping the way you did, in such short notice you had to plan your child care, thank you. Plus the staff - you were calm and collected in such a trying time. 

Hopefully we can get back to the matter in hand, Teaching and Learning.

This is the term where we have lots of trips going on. I have booked my place as I do every year to Ash End Farm with the Reception class. I love being with the young children watching how they react to the animals, and they get so excited, so roll on the 5th June.

You are all probably fed up of me asking, but we need community governors, so who’s up for the challenge? Ask at the school office or speak to any of the staff round and about at school.

We as governors aim to provide a welcoming and caring environment where everyone feels confident and valued, and where everyone is able, through support and high expectations, to achieve and succeed. We aim to inspire each other through high aspirations, a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.

Look forward to seeing you around the school.


Janet Poxon


Chair of |Governors.