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School Rules

Joseph Turner Primary School

Our School Rules


Do my best at all times and recognise my own successes.
This means having a go, taking risks and learning from any mistakes. Understand that there are many pathways to success. You should be eager to learn and proud to achieve!


Respect and listen to others.
This means having a kind and caring attitude towards others, not talking when someone else is talking, being polite and following instructions straight away. Remember to smile at someone every day!


Be kind, helpful and gentle to one another.

This means thinking about your actions and how they may affect those around you. Keep your hands to yourself and don’t use hurtful words.


Look after the school environment.
This means taking care of things inside the school and in the school grounds. We should work together as a team to keep our school clean, tidy and organised.


Keep myself and others safe.
This means walking inside the building, playing safely and looking out for others.


Speak to someone at school if I have any worries.
If you are feeling sad or are worried about anything, make sure you ask for help.


Help my adults at home to make sure I come to school every day and get here on time, ready to learn.
You need to go to bed early on school nights and wake yourself up in the morning. Make sure you have got what you need ready the night before, so you can get off to school on time.


Wear my uniform correctly and remember my PE kit.
Wear our school uniform with pride. Wear your burgundy jumper, white/gold polo shirt, black/grey trousers or skirt and black shoes/black trainers. Make sure you have a PE kit in school all week.