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Support for Ukraine

Following the recent events in Ukraine and the news coverage of upsetting scenes from there, we wanted to update you in terms of how we are responding in school.


Many children have limited or no knowledge of what is happening and we do not want to expose them to anything unnecessarily. However, over the last couple of days we have had some children mention the situation in class. Where this has occurred, we have listened to the children’s questions or concerns and provided reassurances as best as we can.


In response to the crisis, school will be holding a dress up day on Monday 7th March. We would like children to dress up in blue and yellow clothing and bring in a donation. All proceeds from this will go to help those in need and will be sent to the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee. They bring together leading UK aid charities to provide and deliver to Ukraine. More information can be found here

Several resources have been shared with schools aimed at supporting discussions with children where they have raised concerns or asked questions. Links are provided below in case you find yourself needing to support your child or answer their questions at home. There is absolutely no requirement for you to share these resources with your child however, some of you may find these useful. The aim of the day it to raise money to support the humanitarian aid that charities are providing to the people of Ukraine.