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Thursday 4.2.2021

Draw your own or cut out the pictures of the ducks and stick them onto lolly sticks or straws.

Use them to help you with your activity today.

Sing a counting song together.

Count the ducks together and talk about how there are less ducks each time you take one away.

See if the children are able to count backwards.

You may want to start at having just 2 or 3 little ducks whilst they learn what to do.

The children can also use their fingers when doing the counting too.


(EAD / Maths)

Play a game where you ask the children to go and put a toy in a particular place in their room.

Use preposition words like......under / on top / behind / in front / next to


When you have done that look at the sheets provided.

Cut out or draw some of the pictures of things you would see on a farm.

The children need to follow your instructions very carefully.

Use the preposition words to place the pictures where you tell them to onto a piece of paper.


(CAL / Maths)