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Wednesday 30.6.2021

Good Morning - I hope you enjoyed the football last night? Well done England!


Today’s work is all about rhyming words and water.


- Our number of the day is 4, shape is square and RWI sound is d


- Can you look at water? How does it feel? What does it do? If you have any food colouring or squash, mix a little in with the water, what happens to the water? Put it in the freezer and talk about it when it is frozen. Then look at and talk about what happens to it when you leave it out of the freezer.


- Look at the attached raindrops sheets - there are some words on there that need to be cut out / or drawn on paper and then put into groups of words that rhyme (sound the same). Don't do them all at once, just match 2 or 3 words at first.


(Lit / CAL / UW)