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Governor detailed information Academic Year 18/19

Summary of members for publication on school website                        
Governor Name  Type of Governor Date of Appointment Appointing Body End of Term of Office Reason for Stepping Down Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Curriculum Committee Behaviour and Safety Committee Staffing and Finance Committee Connections to Staff (Yes or No)       If Yes, who & how Other School Governor Posts held.                  Name of School & type of Governor Business Interests declared. (Yes / No)   If yes please state Attendance of meetings 2017/18
Mrs J Poxon LA  4/10/2017 LA 03/10/2021   C   X X X NO N/A NO 15 OF 15
Ms L Pyatt PARENT 07/11/2017 PAR  06/11/2021     HEALTH AND SAFETY   X X NO N/A NO 4 OF 5
Mr R Workman HT Ex Officio   Ex Officio       X X X NO N/A NO 15 OF 15
Mr M Hill STAFF 29/09/2017 STA 28/09/2021       X X X NO N/A NO 11 OF 14
Mrs S Carter CO-OPTED 02/09/2017 COP 01/09/2021     FINANCE     X NO N/A NO 8 OF 9
Mr S Walker CO-OPTED 23/03/2016 COP 22/03/2020   VC   X X X NO N/A NO 11 OF 15
Mrs S Pedder (nee Ward) CO-OPTED 09/12/2015 COP 08/12/2019     CURRICULUM X     NO N/A NO 8 OF 8
1 x parent vacancy                            
5 x co-opted vacancies                            
Mrs M Hands CO-OPTED 31/03/2014 COP 31/03/2018 END OF TERM - DIDN'T STAND FOR RE-ELECTION                 1 OF 2
Mr K Williams  PARENT 07/04/2017 PAR  18/09/2018 RESIGNED                 2 OF 8
Miss S Ward CO-OPTED 16/07/2018 COP 08/01/2019 RESIGNED                 2 OF 4
Ms M Baines (Staff) CO-OPTED 02/09/2017 STA 01/05/2018 RESIGNED                 2 OF 6
Mr L Wellings CO-OPTED 09/12/2015 COP 25/01/2018 RESIGNED                 5 OF 6