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High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words for Autumn Term


High Frequency Words are words that we encourage your child to learn to recognise as they are often used when reading and writing sentences. We recommend that you teach your child 5 words at a time so that they don't become overwhelmed. Once they are confident with the first 5, then continue through the list.


A few strategies you may use at home include:

  • Hiding the words around the house and encouraging your child to find, recognise and read them.
  • Having the words displayed on the fridge/on a door so that the children become familiar with them.
  • Use the words on flashcards and change the order that you show them to your child so that they become faster at recognising the words.
  • Encourage your child to verbally put the word into a sentence so that they begin to understand the meaning e.g. 'The cat sat on a mat'.
  • Once your child is more confident with reading the words, you could ask them to practice writing them. An extra challenge would be to then write a sentence including one of the high frequency words.


Thank you for your continued support.


The EYFS Team.

High frequency words for Autumn term