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This term, year 1 have been learning about Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II to decide who they think was the most significant. To end the topic, they were given their own coronation party where they designed and made crowns, baked cookies and were knighted to become a king or queen.

Year 1 have taken part in Elf training all week. Children were marked against an Elf success criterion to see if they could join Santa to help him in the grotto. I am pleased to announce that all children have passed their Elf training and are now on the waiting list to join the other Elves.

The activities the children have had to complete were:

  • Scooping reindeer poo off the ground to keep it clear for the sleigh
  • Hitting snowman targets to catch those mischievous snowmen
  • Reading and following Santa’s map to find hidden gifts
  • Weighing presents in the grotto to see if they are light enough to post down chimneys
  • Using magical grabbers to put special presents into Santa’s sack
  • Creating and following Christmas patterns to make Lego decorations
  • Designing and building a vehicle for elf to fly to get back to the North Pole


All children worked extremely hard to pass their training and Santa Claus was very happy with how well they worked as a team. They all received an official Elf certificate.

Year 1 Elf Training

Bonfire Night

Year 1 enjoyed completing lots of bonfire activities. They used wax crayons to create their own firework display.