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Monday 8.2.2021

Some extra ideas for the week.

See if you can listen to my words and learn all about how Chinese New Year started. Talk about what you have learnt.


(CAL / UW)

Look at the flash cards of the animals associated with the Chinese New Year zodiac.

See if you can make your own.

Cut some paper into strips.

Children are to draw and write the animal on the paper.

Play a game where you hide then around the house and see if they can find them and read them.


(PD / Lit)

To learn the letter sound m.

M is a stretchy sound

Look at the sheet and say the sound m by stretching it mmmmmmmmouse / mmmmmmountain etc

When you form the letter you say the rhyme, maisie mountain mountain


To also help with fine motor development google.......fine motor development, playdough song, If you're happy and you know it.

You will need some playdough for this.