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Our story this week has been, 'Little Red Hen'.

When she asked for help none of her friends wanted to help her until the end of the story.

We have talked about how important it is to help our friends.

Little Red Hen spread 'oodles' of creamy butter o to her freshly baked bread.

This week we have also had a go at spreading butter onto bread.

Can the children practise this and see if together you can make a sandwich?

We have also talked a little about Harvest and how the crops need to be grown etc before we are able to buy them in the shops.

See if the children can name and taste some new fruits and vegetables.

Talk about the colour of them and where they grow - above the soil or under the ground in the soil where you can’t see them.

Send us some pictures of food tasting and let us know what you thought of the foods.

Have fun.


(CAL / UW)