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20th November

It has been another busy week.

What have we been learning about?.....

Anti-bullying Week - talk about being the same / different from our friends.

Play a game of matching up pairs of socks so that they look the same and them mixing the pairs up so they look different.

Design their own pair of odd socks.

Safety week - Talk about safety when they are at home and out and about.

Talk about safe (police, doctors, fire crew etc) and unsafe strangers (people they really don't know).

Practise crossing the road safely.

Seasons - Talk about the 4 seasons and how we know we are in each season.

Ask the children to tell you about our Autumn walk.

Draw a tree with bare branches, get the children to draw the leaves on the floor to show that it is Autumn.

What colours will they use to show the leaves are Autumn leaves?