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Tuesday 9.2.2021

Our letter sound today is a bouncy sound a a a a a a a


Also look for the fine motor development playdough songs or dough disco to help strengthen finger and hand muscles.



Look at some pictures that show you some of the ways that Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Can you find out about one of these in more detail?

Are there any videos you can watch on line?

Tell us all about it.


(UW / CAL)

Look at a picture and answer some questions.

You might need to think about how things will smell?

What you will hear?

What will things feel like if you could touch them?

Describe how thing will look?

What sounds will you hear? Will they be loud or quiet?


(UW / CAL)

See if you can make your own dragon mask.

What materials will you use?

Can you find some music and make up a dragon dance?

Send us photos and videos.