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Monday 28.6.2021

Bubble closure - Week beginning 28.6.2020

Good Morning.

I have attached a list of suggested activities for this week.


There is also a timetable suggesting when you could do the activities.


This week’s story is SPLOSH by Mick Inkpen

You can hear it being read to you on YouTube or I will have a go on SeeSaw


(CAL / Lit)


Monday 28th June, 2021

Can you have a go at making a rain gauge to measure how much rain fall we have this week.

An idea of what to do is attached.

I have made one too and mixed some food colouring with mine so I can see the water from the rain even better.


(EAD / UW)


Can you sort some pictures under some headings? Sunny day or rainy day?

If you have a printer, you may be able to cut the pictures out and then stick them onto the right side of a table.

If you don't have a printer - draw the pictures in the correct places.

(PD / EAD / UW)