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During our learning unit we have been learning about what happens inside us. Today in Sciene we learnt about digestion.


Firstwe talked about the digestive system and what it does.Then we got are equipment ready and showed what happened.We got the banana and the crackers and broke them down into little pieces and put them into the bowl.We then got the orange juice and poured it into the bowl.Then we got the mixer and mashed it up until it was slushy.We then put it into a bag and poured in the vinager and the squash.We then squeezed the bag until it was almost all liquid.Then we poured it into a tight  and squished the liquid out.Then we put it into a cup with a hole in it got another cup and squeezed it out.

(Mason C)

World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March 2018, we celebrated World Book Day and our focus author was David Walliams. Mnay of us came dressed as our favourite book characters and our outfits were fantastic!

We started the day by looking at all the books he has written and their characters. We found the perimeter of these booked and converted it into mm and cm as well as measuring his main characters. After that, we learnt more about his early life, career and the awards he  has won. We used our research to write a biography of the award winning author. We finished our day by having a Gangsta Granny themed afternoon. We read extracts form the book, learned about the Crown Jewels and designed our very own Gangsta Granny get away car!

Safer Internet Day Assembly


On Tuesday, we celebrated Safer Internet Day in school and continued our celebrations on Thursday with our assembly for our parents. The theme was create and share respect. We learned many things about being online, app age restrictions and what images are safe to put online and shared this with our parents. 

Film Day - It’s a Wrap!


Friday 25th January was a very exciting day, it was film day! We came into school dressed as our favourite film characters and completed activities based on Charlie on the Chocolate factory. We found out what fractions of the chocolate bars the lucky ticket winners ate, uncovered how the golden tickets were found and compared the new and old version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the afternoon, our classroom turned into a cinema and we even had popcorn!

Medical Day

On Friday 1st December, we held a medical day at school to raise money for a defibrillator. We came dressed as doctors, nurses and patients and learnt all about our human body. We also took part in a sponsored Freddie Fit Circuit! Sofia-Mae in 4SH collected a huge £125 from her sponsors. Well done!

Medical Day

Saxon, Roman and Viking Sail Boat

We have been looking at how the Romans, Saxons and Viking reached our shores in Learning Unit. In science, we investigated sails and made models of these to test. We found that a sail needs to be light and balanced. To get the most power, we think that a sail needs to wide and tall.

Sail Investigation


On Friday 17th November, the firemen from Tipton Fire Station visited year 4 to advise us on what to do in a fire. We looked at possible hazards around our home, planned an escape route to help us get out in a fire, practised stop drop and roll and looked at how to look after a smoke alarm!

Did you know, you need to check your smoke alarm each week by pressing the button and listening for the beep. You should also change the batteries each year - the firemen helped us remember this by advising us to do this on Christmas Day!


Children in Need

On Friday 17th November 2017, we dressed in spots, bought merchandise and joined in raising money for Children in Need. In class, we looked at how Children in Need helps children and families across our country and learnt about a boy called Logan. Logan has a condition called Cerebral Palsy and his parents thought that he would never walk. With the help of Children in Need, Logan attended a special centre which helped him learn to walk. We wrote letters to Logan to find out more about his life.

Children in Need

Online Safety

This week, in computing, we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe online. We looked at the age for different apps and what to do if we feel at risk. Some top tips given by pupils were: 

  • Don't accept a friend request from anyone you don't know.
  • If a friend adds you, check it is them in person before accepting. 
  • If someone says something which is inappropriate or mean, tell a trusted adult and keep the evidence. 
  • Use the report button to report anything you are uncomfortable with.


We used our learning to create an animation for online safety using Scratch.

Online Safety

On Thursday 5th October 2017 we took part in National Italian Day.  As part of this day we used the internet to research interesting Italian facts, learnt some simple Italian words, looked at the traditional foods and cracked codes using Roman Numerals. 

Italian Day

During Black History Week, we have looked at significant people in Black History, ordered key events, weaved African Kente cloths and learnt African tribal chants whilst playing the djembe drums. 

Black History Week