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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership

Mr R Workman                 Head Teacher 

Mrs L Collins                    Deputy Head Teacher - SENCO & (Deputy DSL)

Mrs L-A Blackhurst         Assistant Head Teacher (Currently on maternity leave)

Miss F Jebb                    Assistant Head Teacher  (Designated safeguard person)





Ms D Whitten                   Nursery Teacher 

Mrs E Judson                    Reception Teacher

Mrs N Jones                     Reception Teacher 

Ms S Kalirai                      Year 1 Teacher

Miss A Atherton               Year 1 Teacher

Mrs S Lamb                      Year 2 Teacher/Leading Art/DT

Ms S Kaur                         Year 2 Teacher 


Miss A Hickman                Year 3 Teacher ( Cover -Phase Leader - Lower  KS2)                           

Miss L-A Lowe                  Year 3 Teacher

Miss C Walker                  Year 4 Teacher

Miss D Cooper                  Year 4 Teacher 

Miss F Malique                 Year 5 Teacher

Ms B Campbell-Jones       Year 5 Teacher

Miss C Hadley                  Year 6 Teacher/Leading History/Geography 

Mr S Sefton                     Year 6  Teacher 

Mrs E Poolton                    Teacher

Mrs R Darby                      Teacher



Mrs L-A Blackhurst          Assistant Head Teacher - ( Currently on  maternity leave)

Miss S Dillon                    Teacher - (Currently on maternity leave)

Miss L Duffield                Phase Leader/Teacher - (Currently on maternity leave)

Mrs S Purcell                   Year 2 Teacher - (Currently on maternity leave) 





Pastoral Team

Miss C Burris             Pastoral Manager (Designated Person for Child Protection -DSL)            

Miss J Harris             Attendance & Welfare Officer               

Mr P Lea                    School Counsellor

Miss L-B Bown           Learning Mentor

Miss R Dukes             Learning Mentor


Support Staff

Mrs R Thompson          Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor                            

Mrs S Hall                   Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor                            

Miss H Harper             Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor                            

Mrs K Southall             Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor                           

Mrs R Mann                  Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor                           

Miss E Dawes                  Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor   

Miss K Woodward           Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor 

Mrs M Baines                  Learning Support Practitioner/Cover Supervisor   

Mrs T Hickman              Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs C Pickard                Learning Support Practitioner

Miss C Lovatt                 Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs V Evitts                  Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs L Yates                   Learning Support Practitioner      

Miss L James                 Learning Support Assistant (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs J Hickman               Learning Support Assistant   

Mrs L Small                    Learning Support Assistant

Miss T Cotterill              Learning Support Assistant

Miss N Lewis                   Learning Support Assistant 

Miss J Lunn                     Learning Support Assistant 

Miss T Wootton              Learning Support Assistant

Mrs A Jarvis                   Learning Support Assistant

Miss K Hughes                 Learning Support Assistant

Mr N Elliman                   Learning Support Assistant

Miss S Lawlor                  Learning Support Assistant

Ms J Green                     Learning Support Practitioner Apprentice

Mrs R Edwards                1:1 Learning Support Assistant



School Library

Mrs T Garrett              School Librarian/Site Manager

Miss E Guest                School Librarian/Cleaner In Charge



First Aid - Lunchtime Cover

Mrs T Garrett              Paediatric First Aider


Office Staff

Miss T Shaw                    Business Manager

Miss T Betts                   School Secretary

Mrs K Ellis                       School Secretary


Site Staff

Mrs T Garrett                 Site Manager/Librarian

Miss E Guest                   Cleaner In Charge/Librarian

Mrs W Langford              Cleaner

Miss J Hill                       Cleaner

Ms E Bennett                   Cleaner




Lunchtime Supervision Team

Mrs P Jones                                      Dinner Supervisor

Mrs T McAfee                                  Dinner Supervisor

Mrs P Shilton                                    Dinner Supervisor

Mrs L Small                                       Dinner Supervisor

Mrs S Willetts                                  Dinner Supervisor

Mrs D Withers                                  Dinner Supervisor

Mrs N Corrigan                                 Dinner Supervisor

Mrs J Smith                                      Dinner Supervisor

Mrs M Rowland                                  Dinner Supervisor