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Special Recognition Award - Harry

I am also giving a special recognition this week to Harry! Our topic this week was History Focus - WW2. Harry made a scale model of an air raid shelter. This was incredibly impressive and I wish everyone reading this could see it! As well as this Harry also made a 3 minute video, detailing the design, where he demonstrated presentational skills that are better than mine! I am incredibly proud of this Harry and had to share it with Mr. Workman and Mrs. Collins.

Kaden - WK11 (3)

As I have mentioned in previous weeks, the work Kaden has uploaded on SeeSaw has been excellent. He seems to have developed a new found love of learning and this has translated into his work. Kaden has impressed me more and more every week and I am excited to see the way this will impact and improve his Year 6 experience! Well done Kaden.


Jayden - WK11 (3)

Jayden is an excellent mathematician and has further solidified that recently. Despite not having a protractor, Jayden has completed great estimations of angles when necessary and has shown an even better understanding of regular and irregular polygons. Well done for a good week Jayden!


Mehar - WK10 (3)

Mehar is still uploading super work! He still completes extra tutoring but manages to find the time and desire to want to complete work. Mehar has used what we have learnt this year to work well to complete other work in the time he has. Mehar's Maths work this week has been excellent and he has shown great understanding. Well done Mehar! 

Harry - WK10 (3)

Harry has made great strives in his Maths work when using SeeSaw but this week it is his English work that has impressed me. He has demonstrated an excellent understanding of grammatical features this week.  Harry constantly uploads excellent work, while also showing me other additional activities he has completed. Great work this week Harry!

Jamie - WK9

Jamie has demonstrated that his mathematical understanding is amazing, consistently since we have been working on SeeSaw. Jamie has flown through all of the work completed and has even needed further work to develop his reasoning and problem solving skills. Keep up this excellent work Jamie, well done you!

Joshua - WK9

Joshua has been working through the work that has been set on SeeSaw, after having a couple of weeks off. He has been working very well, improving his maths understanding and having a good go at the English work. Keep this up Josh and hopefully you can continue completing work to this standard. 

Harry - WK8 (2)

Harry has consistently uploaded great work to SeeSaw since we started home learning. Harry gives all work the same high level of effort and because of this he is finding new levels of success in his writing and maths especially. He has creative ideas and this shines through in his writing and learning unit work. Well done for another superb week Harry, that must be your 8th near perfect week in a row!

Oliwia - WK8 (2)

Oliwia has started uploading work again this week. She has shown an excellent understanding of some difficult maths activities and has clearly tried very hard with the work. Her learning unit work this week has been super too, she has shown her artistic side by creating an interesting and funky new flag for Jamaica (our country of focus this week).

Jayden - WK7 (2)

Jayden has completed some amazing English work this week. Although all of Jayden's work is usually very good, I am sure he would admit his favourite subject it Maths. This is why it is so refreshing to see him putting so much effort into his English work this week, to make this as good as it possibly can be. Well done Jayden!

Mehar - WK7 (2)

Mehar has shown his dedication to completing the work set for him this week. Mehar often completes extra tutoring, so for him to complete all the work set is excellent to witness. His Maths work has always been of a high standard, however it seems like home learning on SeeSaw has even further improved his work. Well done Mehar!

Daniel - WK6 (2)

Daniel has consistently uploaded great work to SeeSaw, since we began home learning. This week I have given him my second star of the week award because of the sheer volume of work he has produced. He has expertly completed our Maths recaps this week, while also writing a lovely review of the Hungry Horse restaurants. I was even more impressed with the work he completed around our topic of 'Food' this week, especially showing a wonderful understanding of French. Well done for another great week Dan!

Kaden - WK6 (2)

I have been really impressed with the work Kaden has uploaded on SeeSaw since we began the home learning. For weeks Kaden has shown increased understanding of Maths, however this week I have given him my first star of the week as a result of the great English work he has produced. His food review of McDonalds was excellent to read! Well done for a super week Kaden.
Panthers - Week 5
I want to say super well done to anyone who has attempted any work on SeeSaw and on the website since lockdown has started. Having spoken to all of your parents it has been excellent to see so many of you trying hard and persevering with your work. For this reason, my star of the week this week is the whole class. I'm so proud of the work you've all been doing!

Mehar - Week 4

Mehar has been uploading some great work to SeeSaw since we have been using it. He has also been completing extra tutoring to support his learning. Mehar has shown a great understanding of poetry this week - especially nonsense poems. However, his Maths work has been perfect and is always completed to such a high standard. Well done Mehar!

Charlie - Week 4

Charlie has uploaded some excellent Maths work to SeeSaw this week. He has demonstrated a great understanding of some topics we looked at, at the start of Year 5. Charlie has shown great consolidation of these skills. Well done!

Oliwia - Week 3

Oliwia has started to produce some excellent work on SeeSaw in the past couple of weeks. She presents all work very well and has appeared to grow in confidence in some areas of maths that she struggled with at the start of Year 5. Her most impressive piece of work this week was some excellent short division answers! Keep it up Oliwia.

Jayden - Week 3

Jayden has completed lots of excellent work since we have been using SeeSaw. He has completed extra work this week, that he had previously missed, as well as completing all work set. The standout piece this week was a newspaper plan, which had plenty of detail - reading for him to write his full report. Well done Jayden

Special Shoutout!

Kaden has had an excellent week this week. He has completed all work that has been set for him and demonstrated real progress in his work, which has been wonderful to see and comment upon. He has been busy completing extra activities at home, such as science experiments and baking. He amazingly uploads all of this to SeeSaw, giving me something to look forward to when I log on!
Jamie has completed lots of work this week. It has been excellent to see how well Jamie has understood every topic he has been tasked with. Well done Jamie and keep it up!

Harry - Week 1

Harry has completed some excellent work since we have been using SeeSaw. His inference skills in this piece of work are amazing. Harry has shown a willingness to learn this week especially and is also completing other important activities outside of his learning, such as learning sign language. Wonderful work Harry!

Daniel - Week 1

Daniel has completed all work set this week and has even completed extra work on top of this. His description of social distancing was excellent to read, as he has shown an excellent understanding of such an important topic. Keep up the work Dan!