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Week 2

Hedgehog class - Georgia - Mae


Georgia - Mae has received the special recognition award this week because she has put fantastic effort into all of the learning at home this week and accessed Oxford Reading Buddy. I have been really impressed by her English work, spellings and creativity when making her own fish tank! Keep up the fantastic work Georgia-Mae laugh

Hedgehog Class - Sophie


Sophie has received the special recognition award this week because of the brilliant home learning she has been doing. She has worked hard when learning about fractions; finding halves and quarters of shapes and numbers. She's accessed Oxford Reading Buddy, TT Rockstars and created a lovely card for Colonel Tom Moore. She was inspired by him and even included pictures of her walking around her garden just like Tom. laugh Keep up the fantastic work and effort Sophie.


Rabbit Class- Miles 

Miles has been given the special recognition award this week for working hard every day to improve and retain his Maths skills. Miles has impressed me with his writing in English and has tried so hard with his handwriting.  He has also been carrying out other lessons and took lots of time and effort with his family to create a well as part of a History lesson and a card for Captain Tom Moore. Keep up the hard work Miles :)





















Rabbit Class- Isabella Ferguson 

Isabella has been given this week's special recognition as she has persevered with her writing all week and has created an amazing storyboard. Isabella has been practising her handwriting and spelling and has used her new learnt words in her writing. Isabella has also learnt how to double and half and has even made up her own games to extend her learning. She has planned out how to make her fish tank and put lots of effort into making it. Keep up your amazing work Isabella :) 

A special well done to all of these children for their efforts on TT Rockstars this week!