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Day 31... (Wednesday 1st May 2019)
Day 28... (Tuesday 28th April 2019)
Day 25... (Thursday 25th April 2019)

Day 24... (Wednesday 24th April 2019)


Dear Year 2,


We have exciting news... some of the tadpoles have started to grow legs and start their transformation into a froglet. Some of the legs are more formed than others and some are yet to grow any. We have been feeding them twice a day as they became very greedy and started attacking each other. Unfortunately one tadpole got eaten! As they start to change into froglets they won't be as hungry and certainly won't attack each other. They will eat their own tail, when it eventually drops off. Miss Hickman has got a larger tank ready with a rock in to put the more developed ones in as they will need this to climb out. Did you know soon they will be able to breathe both in and out of the water? We hope you are having a wonderful Easter and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Woody, Badger and Foxy Roxy

Day 13... (Saturday 13th April 2019)


Dear Year 2,


Your tadpoles went on an adventure last night to Miss Hickman's house where she will keep a close eye on them, with our help of course! This morning we helped change the water, clean the tank and feed them. That tadpole food smells disgusting! They seem happy in their clean tank quickly swimming around playing tag. Belle can't quite understand what they are. Last night was so funny because she tried to catch them by pawing the tank! When we cleaned them out we decided to take some photos, it's amazing to see how much they're changing everyday. We will keep you updated but for now have fun year 2 and stay safe!


Badger, Woody and Foxy Roxy


Breaking News...

On Monday 1st April 2019 we arrived at school to discover Badger and Foxy Roxy had been to a local pond and caught some tadpoles in a tank. Unfortunately they don't know how to look after them so we are helping our teachers to take care of them until they can be released as frogs back in the pond. Check back for updates.

Year 2 trip to Cosford Air Museum  

On Monday 18th March Year 2 went on a trip to Cosford Air Museum, as part of our learning unit. The children has a brilliant day and were overwhelmed seeing all of the different life size aeroplanes and other vehicles such as army tanks. Whilst we were there we completed a 'Lets fly' workshop where the children were in a life like airport where they had to check in, go through passport control, security and go onto the aeroplane. Children were acting as cabin crew dressed up and serving passengers whilst other children took the role as the passengers sat on the plane. We also took part in another workshop where we did a science experiment to see which material was best to make a parachute. Also during our day we had a look around the museum and experienced 'fun n flight' area. We had a fantastic day! Cosford Air Museum - Monday 18th March

TT RockStar Day

JTP Rockstars- Today we came to school dressed as rockstars for the launch of our new and exciting Times Table Rockstar app. The children looked AMAZING and had so much fun!

Edgmond Day 3

Day 3 Edgmond Hall- Today was our last day, we all slept so well last night and had an earlier night after a busy day. To complete our fantastic trip to Edgmond hall we fed the animals and visited the beautiful, breath taking St Peter's Church before returning to school.

Edgmond Day 2

Day 2 at Edgmond Hall. This morning the children fed the chicken and the goats. We also went on a quest to find Santa's lost map, where they then used the map to find missing pictures of his presents. In the afternoon we became Kings and Shepherds and had to follow clues to find the missing gift for the baby Jesus. The evening was an exciting time for all, where they had a party, had a lovely Christmas dinner and they even had an unannounced visitor. They've had a busy day and couldn't wait to get to bed!

Edgmond Day 1

Day 1 at Edgmond at hall. Children and staff are all safe, warm and very muddy! Today we became elves and went on a night walk. All children and staff are well, tucked up in bed and charging our batteries for Day 2.

Party Planners

Party Planners- Today (Thursday 25th October) we had our end of unit topic party. We made pizza, party hats, place mats and name labels. In the afternoon we got changed, danced and ate our pizza.

Autumn 1 Party Planners- Giuseppe Arcimboldo 'Fruit Faces' Today (17.09.18) we made fruit/ veg faces in the style of the artist Arcimboldo.