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5th January 2021

Todays work is from the National Academy website.  The PowerPoint below will explain each task for you.  There are links for each subject which will have a little video that will go through what you need to do.  

There are no specific worksheet for these task but there is recording.  Attach a photo of your work onto seesaw or email it to your teacher as we would love to see what you have done.



Follow the link below.  Watch the little video clip about 'Months of the Year' and then create you own calendar or a paper chain of the months in order.

Remember to go through the planning PowerPoint above as it contains some challenging questions linked to this lesson.


Your task for this lesson is to listen to the story 'The Magic Paintbrush' and then map out the key events.

Follow the link below to listen to the story and complete the tasks.



Your task for today is to explore the different types of weather we get. This links into the seasons you were doing yesterday.  For this lesson you will be comparing the different types of weather.

Remember to send a photo or a recording or your work to seesaw or email it to your teacher.


Your task for today is to listen to some music and then identify and explore the beat.