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Friday 16th July

Good Morning all - Friday 16th July


What a funny old time we are having at the moment.


This week we have been doing some work on Pirates.

- Can the children find things that start with the letter sound 'p'

- Can the children draw a treasure map? Draw pictures on the map of what they might see when passing like woods / mountains / lakes / huts etc and then draw the route to the 'x' that marks the spot.

- Can they write a message and roll it up and put in a bottle.

- Can they role play being a pirate and talk in a pirate voice - say things like land ahoy, shiver me timbers etc. What things can they dress up in to look like a pirate? What can they hide their treasure in? What treasure can they find around the house?

- Make up your own treasure hunt around the house or garden, use the attached posters to give you and idea of what to do at each part of the hunt. You can look at them and copy them onto paper or even make up your own.


Have a super Piraty time, oooooarrrrrrrrr!!


(Lit / EAD / PD)