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Friday 5.2.2021

Look at the houses for the animals.

Then look at the animals.

Which animal will sleep where on the farm?

If you are able to print off the pictures, children cut them out and stick in the right homes.

If not able to print, draw the animal and label it.

See if you can learn what some of the houses are called........sty / kennel / barn etc


(PD / EAD)

Look at the following power point.

Read the notes together and talk about what it says.

Listen to my questions and see if you can answer them together.

Children to use their words and sounds to answer the questions carefully.

1 - Can you find something that has milk in it? Find it and take a photo.

2 - What is a baby cow called? Can you make its sound?

3 - What do people do with horses?

4 - What is a baby horse called? Can you make a horse sound?

5 - Have you got anything made of wool? Find it and send us a photo.

6 - What is a baby sheep called? What sound does it make?

7 - Can you give yourself horns like a goat? Make a sound like a goat and send us a video.

8 - What colour are the eggs you have at home? How do you like to eat your eggs?

9 - How do you keep cool?

10 - What sound might a piglet make?

11 - Can you remember all the things you have talked about so far? Try and answer the higher order thinking questions.


(CAL / UW)