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Wednesday 24.2.2021

Our letter sound today is p p p p p p p

It is a bouncy sound

p p p p pirate, p p p p purse, p p p p p pizza, p p p p pencil

When you have a go at writing the letter ......go down the plait and over the pirate's face.



Use the play dough mats and playdough or your pens to add the details to the animals from the story.

Listen carefully to your instructions and don't forget your perfect pencil grip.

You will learn some new words too.....mane, tusks and hump.



What happened next?

Look at the picture of the animals in a vets....what is happening in the picture?

What do you think will happen next?

Make up your own ending to the story.

Ask your adult to write your ideas down so we can read them.


(CAL, Lit)