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CVC object hunt


Ask your child to listen carefully to the sounds they can hear in the following words:

"c-u-p" "b-i-n" "b-e-d" "p-e-n" t-e-d" "b-o-x"


Encourage your child to blend the sounds in the words together, so for example the sounds in "c-u-p" become "cup". Ask your child to see if they can find these objects around the home. Once they have done this, they could then have a go at writing a list of these words, using all sounds they can hear and forming letters correctly.


The following video explains 'Fred Talk' which is also known as 'blending' in a little bit more detail:


If you would like to 'challenge' your child further, your could ask them to think of a sentence for each CVC word, e.g. 'A cup is on the shelf'. These sentences can be recorded verbally.