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At Joseph Turner, we are committed to ensuring our children continue to learn. In the event of any form of school or year group closure, part time attendance or pupil absence, staff at Joseph Turner will continue to provide education and support to our pupils, using in-school teaching, remote learning and/or a combination of both. Depending on the circumstances, learning will be conducted using online teaching and learning, educational packs of resources and the Microsoft Teams/Seesaw Class apps. This will ensure that the needs of all pupils are catered for and the Apps will allow staff to keep in daily contact and provide a two-way platform for learning and teaching, in a professional and confidential manner with each pupil in their class. Teachers will be able to schedule learning in a manner that does not overwhelm or concern our pupils. In all communications we will adhere to our commitment to maintaining pupil wellbeing.

In order for children to get the best learning experience possible, we expect children to adhere to the following agreement.