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Week 5 18.5.2020

The special recognition this week goes to each and every one of you in Badgers. I know this term has been very different and often at times difficult. However you have blown me away! After speaking to many of your adults last week, I know they feel exactly the same. Well done Badgers, keep up the hard work. We are all so very proud of you and look forward to being back at school altogether very soon!



There is one special mention I must make...Alfie Worley. 

A huge well done to Alfie for all of your hard work. I have noticed a huge improvement in the work that you have been completing. You have also been trying so hard to complete this more regularly. Well done Alfie, keep it up!

Week 4 11.5.2020

Paris has been awarded the special recognition this week for her effort and dedication completing her home learning tasks. Paris is regularly updating Seesaw with her learning and is doing additional pieces of work too. Well done Paris, keep it up!


Theodora, you have worked so hard on your home learning, not only this week but every single week! You have been regularly completing pieces of work to a high standard. Well done Theodora and keep up the hard work!

Week 3 4.5.2020

Francesco has been given the special recognition award this week for his dedication to his learning. Francesco has completed his work on a daily basis and is now starting to go back and edit his work more. Keep it up!


Alan has also been awarded the special recognition for also being so dedicated to his home learning. Alan consistently completes his tasks to a high standard. Well done Alan, keep it up!

Week 2 27.4.2020

Oliver has been awarded the special recognition for this week for his commitment to his school work. Oliver has completed all of his tasks to a high standard and has even added photographs in for me to see him in action!

Thank you Oliver for all of your hard work this week :) 

Vanessa has earned the special recognition award this week for her editing skills. Vanessa always goes back and checks for any incorrect answers and  edits her work  after it has been marked. Well done Vanessa, this is really helping you to extend your learning further!! 

Week 1 20.4.2020

Lance has accessed work at home this week and has completed all of the tasks set to a high standard. Well done Lance! I have really looked forward to seeing your pieces of work posted. Keep it up!

Ruby has completed all the work this week and she has kept me entertained by uploading a variety of videos showing her completing all of her work. Keep it up Ruby!! I look forward to seeing more videos uploaded!