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Friday 23rd March - Sports Relief


Today we raised money for Sports Relief by coming into school wearing our sports clothes. We had a great time completing circuits in the hall using different parts of our bodies. The money we raised will go to helping people across the UK and the world live happier, healthier and safer lives.

Thursday 1st March - World Book Day


For World Book Day Reception learnt about the author Eric Carle. We came to school dressed as our favorite characters from his books and found out some interesting facts about him. We enjoyed a variety of fun activities which included writing about our favorite stories, making our own bookmarks, creating characters out of playdough and listening to Eric Carle stories at the listening station. Throughout the day we enjoyed hearing stories such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Which was your favorite?

w.b. 12/02/18 - Shrove Tuesday


To celebrate Shrove Tuesday we began by selecting a topping we would like for our pancake and writing a sentence about it. We then used this sentence later in the week to decorate our pancakes and eat them. Yummy!

W.B 12th February - Chinese New Year


This week Reception have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We found out about the ways in which the day is celebrated and enjoyed hearing The Great Race story. We had a great time dancing to some traditional Chinese music using ribbons, counting out money into red wallets, role playing in a Chinese restaurant and painting our own Chinese symbols.



Thursday 18th January - Movie Day


Today we had a film day at school and completed lots of fun movie themed activities. We came dressed as our favorite characters and wrote a sentence about our favorite film. We also enjoyed creating our own Mr Potato Heads from Toy Story, driving the remote control cars from the Cars movie, creating princess wands and making our own films using the cameras. We even did some counting and addition using popcorn! We had a special film lunch and in the afternoon we voted for which film we would like to watch.  RLD voted for The Lion King and had a great time eating our popcorn as we watched.

Tuesday 19th December – Christmas Party Afternoon


This afternoon we had lots of fun at our Christmas party. We played party games including pass the parcel and musical statues and ate our delicious party food.

Friday 1st December - Medical Day


Today we held a medical day at school to raise money for a defibrillator. We came dressed as doctors, nurses and patients and learnt all about our body. We enjoyed taking part in a sponsored Freddie Fit Circuit in the hall.



Friday 17th November - Children in Need


Today Reception learnt all about Children in Need and why are raising money. The children came to school dressed in spots and enjoyed colouring in Pudseys, making bear masks, counting spot stickers onto Pudsey numbers and a Pudsey teddy bears picnic! We also decorated fairy cakes with yellow icing and sprinkles for the spots. They were very yummy!

Friday 10th November - Remembrance Day Activities


On Friday 10th November the children in Reception found out about Remembrance day. We learned that we wear poppies to remind us of all the brave soldiers who help to protect us. Children created their own poppies, medals and wreaths and enjoyed decorating poppy biscuits.

Monday 6th November - Guy Fawkes Day


This week in Reception we have had lots of fun learning about Bonfire Night. We found out about the ways in which Bonfire Night is celebrated and completed lots of exciting activities in set play. These included firework counting using coloured pom poms, marble painting, junk modelling rockets and creating firework displays on the ipads. In family group, we drew our own fireworks and labelled them with the sound that they made.

W.B 16.10.17 - Diwali


This week in Reception we have been learning about Diwali. We looked at the ways in which this festival is celebrated and read the story of Rama and Sita using masks. In Set Play we created our own diva lamps using play dough and made rangoli patterns using 2d carpet shapes, chalk and beads. We designed our own mehndi patterns and really enjoyed dressing up in Saris to dance along to some traditional music. 

W.B 02.10.17 - Italian Day


To celebrate our Italian day we have enjoyed lots of fun activities in Reception. These included designing our own pizza, restaurant role play, creating Italian landmarks using construction and flag making. We learned some interesting facts about Italy and found out how to say 'hello' in Italian.