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Friday 26.2.2021

Well done.

Todays letter sound is o o o o o orange

It is a bouncy sound.

o o o o octopus, o o o o orange, o o o o o ostrich, o o o o otter

When you write it start at the top and go around the orange (remember to go anti clockwise / to the left)



Count the zoo animals and write the correct number next to them.

Which is the right number to show how many animals are in that set?

Use the arrow to help you form the number correctly.

Don't forget your perfect pencil grip too.




Choose an animal from the story and make a model of it using recycled boxes.


Use the pictures if you would like and make a collage of the animal using different craft resources.

See if you can use glue, scissors, cellotape dispenser, pens, paints and different materials etc.


Use lego or other bricks to recreate some of the animals.