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David Smith Visit

Today David Smith came to Joseph Turner to carry out a sponsored event to raise money for funding towards Commonwealth charities and for sports equipment at school.  David is an Commonwealth High Jumper who has won lots of medals in his time. The children really enjoyed taking part in the circuits and did a great job. This was followed by an assembly with David where he talked about his sporting background such as daily training, achievements and goals. Also answering lots of fabulous well thought questions by the children.  

In English we have been learning how to write instructions. For our independent piece of  writing we made and decorated fairy cakes for us to write a set of instructions on. We had lots of fun and the cakes looked and tasted yummy. 

Year 2 cake decorating

Year 2 trip to Cosford Air Museum

On Tuesday 13th March Year 2 went on a trip to Cosford Air Museum, as part of our learning unit. The children has a brilliant day and were overwhelmed seeing all of the different life size aeroplanes and other vehicles such as army tanks. Whilst we were there we completed a 'Lets fly' workshop where the children were in a life like airport where they had to check in, go through passport control, security and go onto the aeroplane. Children were acting as cabin crew dressed up and serving passengers whilst other children took the role as the passengers sat on the plane. We also took part in another workshop where we did a science experiment to see which material was best to make a parachute. Also during our day we had a look around the museum and experienced 'fun n flight' area. We had a fantastic day!

Mother's day Assembly 

On Thursday 8th March Year 2 did a Mother's day assembly for all of the parents. We had son much fun. We sang Mamma I Love You by the Spice Girls and Count On Me by Bruno Mars. We gave lots of information about where Mothers day came from and why we love our moms. We finished the assembly by giving our moms and other special ladies a picture we had drawn, a photograph of us and a chocolate. 

World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March Joseph Turner celebrate World Book Day. All of the staff and children dressed up as their favourite book character. Each year group had a theme to follow. In year 2 we chose to focus on the author Roald Dahl as this links with our current learning unit in school. Throughout the day we looked at various books written by Roald Dahl along with the different characters in his stories. Children wrote brilliant character descriptions to describe characters from his stories. During the afternoon children created a new Roald Dahl character for their favourite book. We had such a fun day!

World Book day

Edgmond Hall Day 1

After arriving at Edgmond Hall the children settled into their bedrooms. Children made their own beds and unpacked suitcases into wardrobes. It was lovely to see children working together as a team to help each other. After lunch we went elf training. Unfortunately all of Santa's elves came down with Elf Flu so we had to train hard to help Santa out. We all passed our elf training so there were lots of happy faces. Once we had our tea we got all of our warm clothes on to get ready for our night walk. Whilst out on our night walk we found one of the elve's workshops. Luckily the elves were out feeding the reindeers so we managed to sneak in and have a look. Before bed the children had hot chocolate and a biscuit and then went up to our bedrooms for a good night sleep before  a busy day tomorrow. 

Children In Need

Children In Need

On Friday 17th November year 2 learnt all about Children in need and the reason we raise money. The children came to school is dressed in spots to raise money and made a Pudsey bear using split pins along with other Pudsey crafts. 

Year 2 Firemen Visit

On Thursday 9th November year 2 had a visit from Tipton fire service. We all had a fantastic few hours and the children learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. First we got to go outside to the fire engine where we looked at the different equipment that is kept on the engines, sat on the engine as the driver, sat in the back of the engine trying on helmets and other equipment and also using the hose pipes to squirt water. After this children learnt all about The Great Fire of London and fire safety. We learnt about the clothing the fire fighters wear, different jobs they do and the 'stop, drop and roll' rule. 

Year 2 Firemen Visit

On Monday 6th November we had a whole school Guy Fawkes Day. The children learnt all about The Gun Powder Plot and the story behind bonfire night.  We did some role play and acted out The Gun Powder Plot where children got into groups of 5 and played the parts of Guy Fawkes, King James, Guards and the men who put the plan in place. We then ordered and retold the story. During the afternoon children created a Guy Fawkes wanted poster and created firework displays using pain and glitter. 

Guy Fawkes Day 6/11/2017

Year 2 Tesco Trip

On Monday 9th October and Tuesday 10th October Year went on a trip to Tesco as part of our learning unit 'Can party food be healthy? Party Planners'. We learnt about where food came from, visited the bakery to see how bread was made and tasted new foods.

Italian Day

Italian day in Year 2 was on Thursday 5th October. The children came dressed in red, green and white to represent the Italian Flag. Children learnt all about Italy for example, landmarks, food they eat and its capital city. During the afternoon children compared Italy and England and created the Italian flag using tissue paper. 

Italian Day