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Friday 25th June

This week’s story was - Are we nearly there yet?

The Bear in the story went on a ferry boat. He went to France.

Here are some ideas of things you can do. Don’t forget to send us in some photos of your work.

- Can you make your own ferry boat out of recycled boxes? How many people, cars and other vehicles can you fit in there?

- We looked at the French flag, can you design your own flag to go on a boat?

- Use building bricks to make a boat.

- Use 2d shapes to make a boat

- Floating and sinking activity - choose different objects and see if they float or sink.

- Carefully join the dots to complete the line from one boat to the other. Use perfect pencil grip and write from left to right. (sheet attached)



- Sound of the day is – m, practise writing the letter and finding things that start with the same letter.

 - Number of the day is – 1, practise writing the number, find that many objects and find the number in the house.

- Sing Row Row your boat with the different words and see if the children can remember the actions too (words attached)


(EAD / PD / UW / Lit)