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Bubble Closure Monday 29th March


There will be no LIVE teams lessons today.
Follow the link where you will deepen your understanding of heavy and light.
Complete the practical activities:
1. Weighing items using a coat hanger and cups 
2. Finding items around the house which you can describe as either heavy or light
Upload pictures onto the slides of you carrying out the activities.


There will be no LIVE teams lessons today.

For todays lesson you are going to watch a short video clip from the film 'Ferngully, the last rainforest'. You then have the choice of three writing task. You can either...

1) Write a description of the magical forest using the skills you have been suing last week.

2) Write a newspaper report explain the devastating event of the trees being cut down, forests slowly disappearing and all the animal homes being destroyed.

3) Write a short story about you discovering a magical forest with fairies and animals that can talk.


Select at least 2 videos to carry out for your PE lesson.
Upload a picture or video of you carrying out your PE lesson.