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Financial Year 2020/2021

Financial Year 2020-2021

We received in total £225,458.86 in Pupil Premium Grants between April 2020 and March 2021. The Early Years Pupil Premiums and Looked After Child Pupil Premiums were not included in our budget figures, as they vary throughout the academic year.




Pupil Premium 


Quarter 1, July 2020
Pupil Premium£54,808.75Quarter 2, October 2020
Pupil Premium£54,808.75Quarter 3, January 2021
Pupil Premium£54,808.75Quarter 4, March 2021
Early Years Pupil Premium£699.60Spring Term 2020
Early Years Pupil Premium£779.10Autumn Term 2020
Looked After Child Pupil Premium£1,.019.22Autumn Term 2020
Looked After Child Pupil Premium£550.00Autumn Term 2020
Looked After Child Pupil Premium£1,.019.22Spring Term 2021
Looked After Child Pupil Premium£500.00Spring Term 2021
Looked After Child Pupil Premium£1,606.72Summer Term 2021





We were budgeted to receive standard Pupil Premium Grants (excluding Early Years and Looked After Child) £221,925, but due to a change in pupil numbers, this funding was reduced by £2,690 in July 2020. Total funding for the academic year was £219,235. The 4 quarterly figures for Pupil Premium shown above totals thus £219,235.


We actually spent in total £197,463. The reason for the low spend is due to Covid and not having the majority of pupils in school during Summer Term 2020 and a reduced number in Spring Term 2021.



Budgeted Cost


Support Staff Salary (Pastoral Team)



Pupil Interventions


Free School Meals (Key Stage 2)£26,666£22,549
Curriculum Development£16,400£8,539
Staff Training£6,500£1,648
Educational Visits£5,000£0
Breakfast Club Attendance£0£2,373
Pupil Referral Offsite Provision£0£12,485