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Our Learning

This term we have been focusing on our topic 'memory box'. Children have been learning about various subjects and topics in a lesson style format. This has been new to the children and a big change from reception, but the children have adapted so well!


In history, children have been looking at what schools were like 100 years ago, and comparing the differences. We looked at different styles of classrooms, hallways and playgrounds and also the various equipment differences. Children recognised we have a lot more technology appliances now than 100 years ago.


In Science we have been focusing on both materials and senses. Children have enjoyed these topics and have had the chance to taste things such as rocket and sour crisps to test their taste buds. 


In RSHE, we have been looking at how we can be kind to each other both in school and outside of school. Children acted out scenarios for friendship and how to make up to each other. We have also been looking at how to stay healthy by doing exercise, eating the correct foods and keeping out teeth healthy.

We have taken part in Chinese dancing. We really enjoyed it.

Chinese dancing