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Thursday 25.2.2021

Todays letter sound is g g g g g

It is a bouncy sound. g g g g g girl, g g g g gate, g g g g glasses, g g g g g goat

When you write it go around her face, down her hair and give her a curl.



My trip to the Zoo.

Imagine you're allowed to go to Dudley Zoo, what would you like to go and see?

Draw the animals that you would like to see and ask your adult to annotate your work writing next to your pictures as to what they are.

When you are drawing remember your perfect pencil grip and use your words to tell your adult what you have drawn.


(Lit / PD / CAL)

I need you to go on a penguin hunt.

Look at the picture of the zoo - can you find all the penguins?

How many are there?

Draw a circle around the penguins.

Count them and write the number on the line.

Can you send us a video of your super counting?