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Autumn Learning for Year 5.

Year 5 have been working really hard to learn new skills in maths to help them with fluency, reasoning and problem solving. During Autumn term we have focused on Place value, addition, subtraction and Fractions. 

In writing we are really focusing on the audience and purpose for pieces of writing. This term children have written narratives, information leaflets, balanced arguments and Poetry. We are currently writing a creative narrative linked with Polar Express which children are really enjoying. 

Children in year Year 5 have very much enjoyed taking part in plenty of Science experiments to kick start the year. We have been focusing on properties of materials and which materials would be suited for a variety of different things. We have even tested which type of nappy is best for holding water through the material it is made from. Children were intrigued by the result. 

In Art we have been learning all about William Morris whilst learning the skill of Printing. We used a variety of techniques to re create a design in the style of William Morris. During DT we have been looking at Victorian style toys eg Table top spinner, rocking horses, yoyos and traditional cup and balls. We used a variety of materials to design and create our own Spinning Tops. Once created we evaluated our work.