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As this week should have been SATs week, we would have been spending our afternoons being active and starting to think about our production.  So this week is all about moving our bodies and warming up those singing voices!

Monday: PE


Watch the clip:


Task: Send someone a text explaining why fitness is so important. 

Think about how you have been keeping active during lockdown.

Tuesday: Cricket


LO: To strike a bowled ball 

Ask a family member to bowl a ball underarm to you so it bounces once if possible.  Using a small bat or the palm of your hand, try and hit the ball. 

Wednesday: Cricket


LO: To bat consistently

Using the game from yesterday, how long can you stay batting? Make a target – how many times can you bat the ball to hit the target?

Thursday: Dance​


Have a go at these routines:


Disco Funk workout:


Bollywood hip hop fusion workshop: ​

Friday: Music


Learn the Sing Up at Home Song of the Week:


One moment, One people