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Motto, Vision and Curriculum Intent

Eager to Learn, Proud to Achieve!

Our Motto sums up our school. Children are eager and excited to be in school as teachers make learning fun and engaging. Children understand that learning is about knowing something you didn't know before and that we continue to learn all through our lives. We are proud of all our pupils' learning is celebrated at all levels, regardless of how small the steps may have been. We never set limits on our pupils' achievements and our child centred approach to learning ensure that all children get the most out of our school. 

Our Vision


We aim to provide a welcoming, caring and safe environment where everyone feels confident and valued.  Where everyone is able, through support and high expectations, to achieve and succeed. 

Our Curriculum Intent

We know that vocabulary is a key factor in improving children's life chance and there are many scientific studies to show this. 


Our Curriculum has a focus on developing children's vocabulary across all subjects to ensure that what ever path our pupils take they will have the words to express themselves and fulfil their true potential.