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Today (18.5.18) 1SD came to school dressed in red, white and blue for the Royal Wedding. They had a day dedicated to the Royal Wedding. In the afternoon the children made flags, which they have said they will wave if they are going to be watching the wedding tomorrow.

On Monday 5th March the children had their Key Strings assembly. The children listened to live and record music. Some children got the opportunity to play a few of the string instruments that they had brought in. 

Key String Assembly - Monday 5th March 2018

Today (15.12.17) was our Christmas Jumper Day. The children also had their Christmas dinner, where they pulled crackers and read jokes to one another.

Christmas Jumper Day

Today (1.12.17) we had Medical Day. The children came to school dressed up in different medical outfit. The day was to raise money for a new defibrillator and the children also all took part in a sponsored Freddie Fit Event. During the rest of the school day the children learnt about the heart and why is it important to keep fit and healthy. 

Medical Day

On Monday 6th November Year 1 had Guy Fawkes Day. They learnt about the story and why we celebrate bonfire night. In the afternoon the children had the opportunity to create their own firework or firework picture. 

Guy Fawkes Day

On Thursday 5th October year 1 celebrated Italian Day. As part of Italian Day year 1 created a piece of art linking to this special day. Here are some pictures of their work: 

Italian Day