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Our Firefighter Visit

Our firefighter visit 

The children were very lucky to have a visit from the firefighters and the big red fire engine. They were shown all of the different safety equipment and the uniform they have to wear. We had a lot of fun climbing into the fire engine. 

Thank you!

The Animal Lady came to visit Nursery 

On Friday 26th January the children were very lucky to have the Animal Lady come to visit. She brought in snakes, cockroaches, a honey bear, a snowy owl and a hedgehog. The children had the chance to touch and hold the animals. We learnt lots about the different animals and where they live. Thank you for coming in!

We have been very lucky this week as 'The Music Man' has offered to come and visit us every week in Nursery. The children took part in singing Nursery rhymes, counting songs and they even had a chance at looking at the ukulele. It was a lovely session and we look forward to next week!

When the Music Man came to visit Nursery

On Tuesday 7th November, we had an 'I can leaves' workshop. During this stay and play session we enjoyed playing with various activities including the cars and ramps, the painting, making rockets out of play dough and organising 2d shapes. We also decorated our achievements tree with all of our home achievements on a leaf. It was a lovely session and all of the children had lots of fun. 

Guy Fawkes Day 6.11.17

On the 6th of November the whole school celebrated Guy Fawkes Day. In Nursery we enjoyed a range of activities including chalking fireworks, organising 2d shapes into rockets, making fruit rocket kebabs, firework dancing and movements and playing firework games on the I-pads. The children enjoyed learning about why we put Guy Fawkes on the bonfire and enjoyed talking about their own firework celebrations. 

Guy Fawkes Day 6.11.17

W.B. 2.10.17

On Thursday 5th October the children in Nursery celebrated Italian day. They were asked to wear the Italian colours and they took part in a range of activities including flag making, building and making pretend pizzas. They began to learn Italian songs and started to learn to count to 5 in Italian. The children attempted to build a Leaning tower of Pisa and the Colosseum with the building bricks. They all had a fantastic time and started to learn more about the Italian culture. It was a brilliant day!