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Friday 12.2.2021

To practise recognising and writing numbers.

Please don't do all these in one go, just do a few each day and see how you get on.

Also see if the children can go and find that number somewhere else in the house or find that many objects.



See if you can look at some pictures and re-create some of the objects using craft materials.

Have fun making up a dragon dance.

Count coins into an envelope.

Make a lantern.

use black paint on red paper and try to paint Chinese symbols.

Look on a map and see where China is and how far away it is.

What else can you create?

Send pictures and videos, we love to see them.


(EAD / UW)


Treat your adult to a Chinese takeaway to thank them for all their hard work and patience over the last few weeks.


Don't forget Valentines day on Sunday and Pancake day nest week. Would love to see any cards or yummy pancakes you make.