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Sickness Absence in Schools - A Guide to Parents

Most children with mild illness can attend school providing that they feel well enough.This guidance is designed to help you know when it's okay to send your child into school and when it's best for them to stay at home.

Attendance at Joseph Turner Primary


At Joseph Turner we are working very hard to improve our attendance. We all have a big part to play in making our attendance something we can all be proud of.

Each child has an attendance reward chart to take home. For each full week that they attend school, they will receive a smiley face sticker to put on their chart. Once they have collected 5 stickers they will get to pick a prize out of their class’s attendance prize box. Attendance reward weeks will be held throughout the year, where the best attended class for that week will receive an additional reward activity. There will be an attendance reward day for the whole school at the end of the year, if the school reaches its end of year target.

Attendance matters, if a child is not at school, they are missing out.



Leave of Absence


10 days absence from school should not be regarded as the norm or an entitlement. Pupils should not take holidays in term time and now these will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. It is for the school to determine whether or not to agree to a family holiday during term time. If parents want to take their child out of school during term time, a leave of absence form should be filled out. Completion of a leave of absence form does not automatically mean the absence will be authorised. Please note leave of absence will not be authorised for Year 6 or Year 2 children (due to SATs). Leave of absence during the first half term will not be authorised. If the school does not authorise a leave of absence and the pupil is away from school, the absence is unauthorised. We are working hard as a learning community in Tipton to improve attendance and improve the prospects of all our children, so let’s all work together and make it happen for Tipton. full copy of our updated attendance policy please contact the school office.