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Symmetrical butterfly

Symmetrical Butterfly


What do you see looking at the butterflies? Are each of their wings the same as the other? Do they have a Line of Symmetry? Does this mean they are symmetrical?



  • They are insects.
  • They have four stages in their life cycle. Egg, caterpillar (larva), chrysalis (pupa) and butterfly (adult).
  • They have four wings.
  • They live as a butterfly, depending on species from a week up to a year.
  • The patterns on their wings are made from tiny scales.
  • Like bees they eat nectar from flowers.
  • Some taste with their feet.
  • Images of butterflies can be seen in Ancient Egyptian frescoes in Thebes. They are 3,500 years old!
  • But butterflies are older then that, they are dinosaur old. The earliest butterfly fossil found dates back 56 million years ago! Palaeontologists and scientists believe they emerged when  flowers did.




Create a butterfly picture; you could use paint, crayons, chalk on the floor outside, a computer or IPAD or any other material you like. There are templates attached if you want to use them. Here are some ideas: