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Year 5 have had a lovely summer term. From visits to the library to learn how to take out a book, to sports day, to the 500 mile walk. A fun term had by all! 

Sumemer Term

During our parent homework celebration, we planted seeds to link with our science. The children then have homework to look after these plants and help them grow! 

Parent Homework Celebration

5EH had a wonderful time celebrating the Royal Wedding on Friday. We made crowns, designed Meghan’s dress and Harry’s suit, wrote wedding invites, collaged the Union Jack flag and decorated cup cakes red, white and blue. A great time celebrating was had by all! 

Royal Weddings 18th May

Class Assembly 11th May - St George’s Day

For their class assembly, year 5 created charcoal images of castles and dragons. They also wrote acrostic poems about St George. 

In the assembly, they displayed their drawing, read their poems aloud and read the story ofSt George to parents. 

Collecting Soil Samples

Children audited the school grounds in Geography and then collected soil samples in Science. We testing whether the soil was acidic or alkali using the PH scale. 

5EH Book Quiz Semi Finals

For Sports Relief in March, the children dressed up in sports wear and completed circuits activities. The children skipped, jumped and pressed to get their hearts racing. Well done for raising money for Sport Relief. 

Sports Relief

Year 5 had a challenge on their hands in March. 8 children across the year group were selected to take part in a local library book quiz and the quarter finals were held in school. Team 5EH vs Team 5NF. The teams did fantastically and there was even some audience participation! Team 5EH were victorious and will be going to the local library for Semi Finals soon. Well done both teams, we are very proud. 

Book Quiz Quarter Finals

Year 5 had a fantastic time watching the Key Strings performance. Some of year 5 even got up to volunteer! 

Key Strings Assembly

World Book Day

Both parents and children asked for our homework celebrations to be more active.

In 5EH, once we had celebrated our excellent attendance as a class and shared some of the amazing homework we had produced, we got creative! One of our homework tasks was to build a model fairground so as a class we junk modelled a circus tent, a ticket booth and created circus stick puppets. We are planning to use these within the other areas of our curriculum in the second half of Spring term. Thank you so much to all the adults who attended and supported the children in this homework celebration, I am looking forward to the next one!

Homework Celebration 15.2.18

To introduce January's value of the month (Co-operation), the children took part in co-operation games. They then had to feedback what they understood co-operation to mean. Some of their ideas included: working as a team, communicating, showing each other respect, listening, helping each other and persevering together. 

Value of the Month: Co-operation

Golden Time!
5EH earnt their golden time this term by getting marbles in our jar. We had a vote for what we wanted to do. The children gave us a list of activites and ballot slips were created. The children completed a ballot slip and the votes were counted... Building a cardboard castle and decorating biscuits drew! On Friday 1st December, the children first decorated biscuits using icing, sprinkles, strawberry laces and rainbow drops. While the icing was setting, we got to work on our castles. Children worked collaboratively using only a cardboard box and brown tape to build a team castle. These were great and it was wonderful to see the children working together to communicate and be creative!


Golden Time

Medical Dress Up day was a huge success. The children came to school in medical themed clothing and we had a range of doctors, nurses, dentists and patients! In the morning, the children took part in sponsored Freddie Fit activities, testing their hearts with physical activity. During the afternoon, the children learnt about the circulatory system, how the heart works and labelled the heart. We discussed why it is important to keep our heart healthy and what a defibrillator does. The children agreed it was very important that we raised money to help us get one in school!

Medical Dress Up Day

Year 5 children have recently been learning about Safer Passwords when looking at E-Safety. Children have learnt how to make sure their passwords and personal information is safe. We produced posters with guidance for other children to be put up in the Computing Suite and around school. 

E-Safety: Safer Passwords

Friday 17th November was Children in Need! Children wore spots and completed Pudsey activities. They coloured in Pudsey, learnt about ways we as a school have been fundraising for Children in Need and completed spotty artwork. Children used a pair of compasses to draw circles and colour them in using Pudsey colours. Their artwork was very effective! 

Children In Need 2017

On Monday 6th November, year 5 children completed a range of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night activities. We completed firework and gunpowder maths activities, we summarised the story of Guy Fawkes (learning key facts and dates) and we created a bonfire collage. 

Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night

The children in year 5 have been studying a Learning Unit called 'What's It Made Of? Mysterious Materials'. In Art and DT, they have been studying sculptures and have designed and created their own using art straws and pipe cleaners. Throughout the unit the children have investigated sculptures, experimented with lines and shapes, designed, made and evaluated their own sculpture. Here are some fantastic examples. 

Our Sculptures

The children put their names down if they would like to be a School Pupil Governor. As part of their election campaign, the children made a speech to the year group. They explained why they should be a pupil governor and what they can bring to the role. The children across the year group then had the opportunity to vote on Wednesday 18th October and the results will be revealed Friday 20th October. 

School Pupil Governors

On 13th October, children took part in an African Drumming session as part of Black History Month. Children were taught about the pitch, tempo and volume of the drum. Children learnt about the origin of the African drums and what they are made out of. The children were also taught an African chant. 

African Drumming Session

On Thursday 5th October. the school had an Italian themed day. The children took part in Italian themed activities and could have an Italian themed lunch. 

Italian Day