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Yesterday we had an India theme at school. During our lessons we researched facts about India using the iPads and learnt about Diwali. We used pencil crayon and paint to  make a firework picture. We also looked  at the Holi festival of Color and designed  our own painted elephant. Did you know India’s population is 1.34 billion.

Remembrance Day

In school, we have been celebrating Remembrance day. We looked at what it was like to live in a trench and wrote diary entries from a soldiers perspective, wrote remembrance poems and created a poppy field using finger painting. 

We are Toy Designers!

This half term in Computing we have been using Lego Wedo. We have built a range of toys and models which we connected to the computer and controlled using our own coding. 

Saxon Longboats

Our learning unit this half term is "Why do we Speak English at School?". We have learnt about how the Saxons, Viking and Romans developed our country today. In Science, we designed, built and investigated Saxon long boats and then used a variety of sail shapes to see which would be the most effective. 

Saxon Brooches

During Art, we looked at a range of Saxon brooches and analysed the markings they used. We used this to design, make and paint our own brooches in the style of the Saxons.

Attendance Week - 28.1.2019

This week we had attendance week and thought about how attendance is important after we have left school. We thought about what we want to be when we are older and created raps about this.

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