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11/05/20 - 18/05/20



Kian has been working extremely hard completing his home learning and he has impressed me with his Maths skills. He has been converting time between 12 hour and 24 hour. In addition, he has shown his understanding of an information text and language features. Keep up the brilliant work on Reading Plus too. 



Lucas has shown fantastic skills in Maths this week when converting 12 and 24 hour time. He has produced some great work on countries and their flags, landmarks around the world and identifying modal verbs. He has also shown progress on Reading Plus, moving up a level and reading over 50,000 words. Keep it up. 



Maxwell has produced some fantastic work in Maths, English and History. I was very impressed with his fact file on trains and his piece of writing about visiting the Flying Scotsman. He also did some research on countries and their capital cities which I enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work!