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Thursday 1.7.2021

Good morning.

- RWI sound of the day is t, number is 5 and our shape is a rectangle.

- As it is dry out today and we've had no rain, you will need to make a puddle outside using a cup or bowl of water, on a path, draw around it with chalk if you have some or take a quick photo of it to see how big it is. Look at the size of it throughout the day. Draw around it again after an hour or so each time. Does it get bigger or smaller?

- Can you decorate your puddle with some natural materials eg, stones, leaves, grass and flowers like buttercups or daisies to make it look like a face. I will show you an example of on on the TEAMs lesson.

- Can you design your own wellies? What colours will you use? What pictures or patterns will you add? A template is attached or you can draw your own.


(EAD / PD / UW)